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For the mind, soul, & TED Talk fix.

When the world zigs, we ziggy-zag.

There's something about us that's a bit different from the rest. We refuse to bend the knee and sacrifice our principles of good creative and business, especially to the fickle winds of 'on-trend'. 

We have some core philosophies that drive our engines. If you feel that these principles align with yours, well then, let's have a chat. We're excited to work with like-minded partners. 

How We Work Together

We don't have snack stands around every corner. (Less cost for you.)

Our brands are not advertisers, they are showrunners.

Please and Thank You. Perhaps the two most powerful sayings in business.

We look after our partners and friends.

The undisciplined creative is destined to drown in the pool of mediocrity.

- Timo, our creative director

More Hell Yeahs, and Less Yeah Buts.

Being validated by the short-term swarm is not a wise approach for a long-term brand.

The reality is that most people don't care about you. You have to tell them the story of why they should.

The more you try to scientific-ize marketing and branding, the more people grow a disdain. Keep it human silly.

Fun. Remember that? I'm sure your inner child does.

You don't have to advertise. But, you don't have to put up holiday decorations either.

Any ordinary person can logically deduce why something won't work or why something might fail.

Omg, you read all of these??! You really are special!

Like what you read and see?

Come Join! We're a fun, down-to-earth crew who doesn't take themselves too seriously. But we do take our work seriously.


Think you can hang? We're now growing and looking for folks in the Colorado or Netherlands areas. Shoot us your email address from the form below, and we'll reach out.


Thanks for submitting! We'll get back to ya.

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